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Cambridge Labour Party calls on party nationally to support staying in the European Union

Local Labour party seeks an end to May’s Brexit mess

Cambridge Labour Party has recently passed a motion on the 18th January, urging the Labour Party nationally to "strongly support staying in the European Union", should a General Election be called.

Amongst the turmoil of recent political affairs, be it talk of a No Deal, Theresa May's significant defeat followed by victory in the motion of no confidence, and nationwide disdain with arguably one of the most controversial episodes in British political history, it is safe to say that this comes as yet another chapter in what seems to be an endless novel.

However, given that a General Election is not expected in the immediate future, the Cambridge Labour Party is also calling for:

An extension to the deadline for Article 50 beyond the 29th March 2019

All proposed deals to pass the six tests set by Labour's Front Bench

The public to be given the final say, including either an agreed exit deal or remaining in the European Union

We reached out the Cambridge Universities Labour Club (CULC) via Co-Chair Lara Parizotto, who responded with this message on behalf of the Executive Committee:

"CULC share the concern expressed by the Cambridge Constituency Labour Party (CLP) about the state of Brexit negotiations…Labour must now take charge of negotiations following a General Election…ensuring in particular that jobs and rights are protected. CULC stands in solidarity with the 9,000 non-UK EU nationals in Cambridge and in particular with the near 5,000 non-UK EU students who enrich our education, personal life and Club at both the University of Cambridge and Anglia Ruskin University. We regret the uncertainty this group has faced since the referendum in 2016 and trust that our future relationship with the EU will allow their rights to be safeguarded under a Labour Government."

CULC is set to host a debate at the end of this week to clarify its position on the matter. The full response is detailed below.

In any case, it seems as though the Labour Party is being called to arms in an attempt to campaign for the UK to ultimately remain in the EU. Whether this call from the Cambridge Labour Party will be heard and responded to is yet unclear. One thing is certain: Brexit remains as unsolved as ever. Do we stay? Do we go? On what, or perhaps more aptly whose, terms?

Full response from CULC:

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Featured image: Credit Chatham House, London, via Wikimedia Commons