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Cambridge’s ‘naked professor’ to host 18+ nude anti-Brexit show

The fellow will reveal the “naked truth” of Brexit


Dr. Victoria Bateman, economics fellow at Gonville and Caius college, is holding a show next week to expose the brutal “naked truth” of Britain’s decision to leave the EU.

In the past, Dr. Bateman has stirred up controversy and gained renown for her naked protests. Next Monday (14th January), she will be hosting a free talk at 7pm at the J2 in Cambridge, where she will take to the stage in the nude to represent how Britain will be left “naked and vulnerable” when we leave the EU.

In the lecture, Dr. Bateman will draw on her extensive economic knowledge to explain the economic, social and political harm that Brexit will have, and discuss the detrimental impact of the deal on the academic community.

Afterwards, she will hold a Q&A session and audience members will be given the special chance to sign the “first living human petition” against Brexit. She has told the public to “expect impassioned argument and nudity in equal measure” at the event.

Dr. Bateman has boldly campaigned in the past, hosting other naked protests against Brexit and also against gender inequality in the economic sector. For example, in 2016 she turned up naked to a meeting for the faculty of economics with the words “Brexit leaves Britain naked” written across her chest.

Sadly, Dr. Bateman has received online abuse for her previous protests, with trolls taking to social media to mock and criticise her controversial campaigning methods. However, she refuses to let this stop her. In fact, it only motivates her even more to campaign for what she believes in.

She has commented "We’re happy to view images of nudes in art galleries – and to be confronted daily with images of women in advertising, but when a woman uses her body to speak out, it causes outrage.”

“Society seems to be happy to be able to view naked women – but not for naked women to be able to talk back. Ultimately, I won’t let the criticism and abuse stop me – if anything it always makes me even more determined to highlight and challenge the underlying hypocrisy.”

Her upcoming lecture at the J2 will occur at the same time as an extremely important parliamentary vote concerning Theresa May’s current Brexit negotiations. Tickets are free and can be reserved online by following this link…

Dr. Bateman uses her body to make powerful political and socio-economic statements. She is admired and respected by many students here at Cambridge University, and her latest show will doubtless be hugely impactful.

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Photograph from Dr. Bateman's personal Twitter account