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Why do feminine students get judged? | The Periodical

On Wednesdays we wear pink… and the rest of the week too, actually

A lot of the time when people embark on the bumpy path of feminism, they can start to look down on girly traits. Femininity becomes a sign of frailty, fickleness or downright dottiness. It’s a shame, because girls are badass.

When I was little I used to run around wearing a pink fluffy dress and wielding a saw – my grandpa had funny ideas about what constituted kids’ toys, I guess – which I think just about sums me up. Nowadays, though, I often catch myself feeling guilty for doing girly things; surely I’ve outgrown this stuff by now?

The thing is, though, that being girly isn’t immature and won't sacrifice your badassery. So, I’ve compiled a list of feminine things that you might have been led to believe are wrong, but are actually totally okay. Now let’s all remember how to be unapologetically girly.

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I take all the credit for inspiring my little brother's current dream of being a drag queen

Studying a ‘feminine’ degree

It’s no secret that some degrees have a lot more women studying them than others. (*cough* all the arts *cough*). It’s also no secret that these degrees tend to be ripped apart for being soft subjects.

I’m not going to argue about the worthiness of the arts here – that’s a debate for another day – but rest assured that whether you’re in the majority or minority of students studying your subject, you deserve to be here as much as the rest of them.

Caring what you look like

I am so sick of hearing that selfies are narcissistic and single handedly destroying this generation. Sometimes I just want to post a picture of myself because I feel good. Why hate on other people for spreading the self-love?

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Combining the aesthetic of instagram with the aesthetic of crazy cat lady

Having a cuddly toy or two in bed

Sometimes I just need a cuddle with something that’s not going to judge me for having skipped showering to pull an all-nighter.

Wanting a family rather than a career after Cambridge

Personally, I’m looking at a promising future as a hermit herding sheep in the middle of nowhere (Lanchashire maybe) till I die, so neither of these things is my cup of tea.

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I just love when kids try to scalp me, who wouldn't want one of their own?

I do know plenty of those awful LinkedIn types who are revoltingly ambitious, though (don’t fret if you’re one of them, I’m just jealous). The pressure is definitely on at home for Oxbridge students to do well, whether it's relatives or ex-teachers who bombard you about your big plans.

Not everyone can be the next PM, though, so if your heart’s greatest desire is to suffer through hours of labour to produce a shrivelled, red, ungrateful monstrosity, then follow your dreams.

Seriously, though, don’t let anyone else’s idea of success shatter yours (least of all mine).

Watching trashy movies or shows

Reality shows and chick flicks get such a bad rap here. Do they really think I don't know that there's no reality in them?

I spend all day reading Shakespeare, so when I come home I just want to watch fake tans having fake relationships. I know it’s uncultured crap. That’s why I watch it.

So let out your inner Elle Woods, Barbie or Glinda; everyone underestimates them for their rose-tinted glasses, and they still get shit done. I’ll see you next Monday, hopefully for something less sickeningly inspirational.