What to do now your 9ams are cancelled!

‘Education, Education, Education’ is no longer the order of the day – it’s all about fun, fun, fun!

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Did someone say that 9am’s are cancelled? That’s right! School may not be out for summer, but the absence of that 8:45 rush to a lecture hall packed full of bleary eyed students, 50% of which will be asleep by 9:13, is an unanticipated opportunity. With an infinite amount of activities to which this new time could be dedicated, here are a few suggestions.

A REGAL feast of bacon and unlimited Cappucinos

1) Eggsquisite Breakfast Options – Grown accustomed to eating a banana and stale granola bar on the go? Well, this is the perfect chance to expand your early morning eating habits beyond the usual boring snacks. Spoons isn't just there for a cheeky pitcher of Long Island Iced Tea on a Saturday night – now you can see it in the harsh light of day with a full English feast, and an unlimited coffee machine. Or even better, why not utilise that gyp room to whip up some scrambled eggs in the microwave? Today, you eat like a King…as opposed to a student with an unhealthy addiction to Belvita Breakfast biscuits and instant coffee.

A beacon, beckoning the weary traveller in

2) Walk 500 miles – now that you haven't got to be anywhere in a hurry, why not ditch your bike for a hike? There is no better way to appreciate the aesthetic value of Cambridge than from first-hand experience. With this extra time on your hands, you have ample opportunity to take a trip to some of Cambridge's more remote locations. Opt for 'Farawaynsbury's' for a change of scenery from Sidney Street, or maybe even take a trip to the mythical land of Girton. Break the stereotype of student life; not every early morning stroll is a 'walk of shame' home from a wild night out!

The party doesn't have to end at 1am!

3) Party all night! If mornings aren't your thing then you can always use your extra hours at dusk rather than dawn. Embrace your inner hedonist and explore the notorious nightlife that Cambridge has to offer. Throw some questionable shapes on an empty dance floor at a rogue Thursday Fez; or stay for that extra VK (blue of course) at Sunday life! Or for the more edgy amongst us, opt for an all-night camp out on the college lawn that will inevitably end with hypothermia and a trip to the Dean's office #worthit.

A never-ending corridor full of nooks and crannies – ideal for a cheeky game of hide and seek!

4) Work hard, Play hard – You're probably wondering where the typical sports suggestions are; a run around parker's piece, an early morning outing on the Cam, a quick cycle out to the USC…. I propose an alternative: a sport transcending the ordinary abilities of mere mortals. Rumour has it that this increases your chances of obtaining a first by at least 73%. So why not grab your course mates and head for an intense game of hide and seek in the UL! Forget your unfinished essay, abandon that unwritten lab report, and get in an intense early morning work out! If you train hard enough, you may even get a blue….

Joe is excited that his alarm will be going off at 10:30 tomorrow.

5) And if the above suggestions are not enough for you, here are a few misc options for inspiration:

– Try and kidnap a cow from the Kings backs.

– Live-stream the 9:25am showing of Jeremy Kyle in your college JCR.

– Conduct an early morning swap at Café Nero with friends from another college.

– Actually accept an offer from one of the many tour guides on Kings Parade.

– The most exciting of all options: GET AN EXTRA HOUR OF SLEEP!!

I hope you all revel in this temporary reprise from the hell that is a 9am lecture. If these suggestions are not sufficient to de-stress during the strikes, please look at the welfare advice from your college JCR and from CUSU.