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Cambridge faces a rise in drink spiking

Porters highlight Fez nightclub as a ‘common link’.

There has been a recent increase in reported cases of drink spiking, with students reportedly being targeted at Fez nightclub.

Emails have been circulated by porters in the central colleges, including King's, Clare and Catz warning students of the potential danger. Three female students at King's have described losing consciousness for three to four hours, and experiencing a sensation 'unlike being drunk'.

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'As implied, this may not be isolated to Kings College'.

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'The best prevention is to not have open drinks but I understand that this is difficult, so the next best option….is to not accept drinks from people you don't know.'

Additionally, an email sent out by Catz Welfare Officers stated that three students had alerted the college to the possibility of drinks being “spiked” with illegal substances in the town’s licensed premises and in particular the night clubs, again, with the common link being Fez.

It has also come to the Tab's attention that other students have been affected. One student gave an anonymous account of her drink being spiked with ecstasy.

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'The common link is the Fez club…. (but) the people doing this will be acting in other licensed premises'.

The emails stated that the best prevention is to not have open drinks, although this may be difficult, and when in licensed premises not to accept drinks from people you don’t know as well as never leaving your drink unattended. Another email also told students to stay with friends and to alert a friend or a staff member at the establishment that you are in if you 'start to notice feeling peculiar.'

One resource shared in the porters' e-mails is to the anti-spiking 'Reach Out' website.

If anyone has undergone similar experiences, make sure to tell a GP, college nurse, or report the incident to college porters.