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Varsity are RIGHT: Jacob Rees-Mogg IS refreshing, real, and representative

If your daddy is a millionaire and you played soggy biscuit at Eton

A recent Varsity article has highlighted what we have ALL been thinking: Jacob Rees- Mogg is the voice of the people, a refreshingly honest politician, and the answer to the disillusionment of today's youth with British politics. Of course, Rees- Mogg is super popular – even Toff, Made in Chelsea's relatable working-class hero, thinks so! He is so #real and #relatable, in fact, that he had the decency to honestly and frankly tell the British public that he thinks women don't deserve reproductive rights, unlike that absolute coward Tim Farron who's only a bigot in the privacy of his own home! He is also refreshingly candid about his humble beginnings. Yes, he went to Eton. Yes, he went to Oxford. But doesn't the way he randomly tweets in Latin (that language offered to the mere 15% of the British population in private secondary education), just make him so wacky and endearing???

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what a couple of eccentric cuties ???

As we all know, the Labour party is basically full of posh members now anyways (word on the street is that Jeremy Corbyn was able to afford regular trips to the Soviet Union in the 1980s – not very representative of the people, is it now Jezza???), so we might as well embrace the humble, loving arms of Mr. Rees- Mogg. A true champion of the people, Rees-Mogg (and his children Sixtus, Anselm, Peter Theodore, Thomas-Wenworth, Alfred, and Mary Anne Charlotte) once even allowed his nanny to be photographed alongside him!

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Just a man's fam and his nanny – have you ever seen a picture more accurately encapsulate 21st century Britain? (source: JRM insta)

And his relatability doesn't end there, ladies and gentlemen. Some British people like Brexit. You know who bloody loves Brexit? JACOB REES-MOGG. Yep, sure he has consistently voted against gay marriage, human rights, and investigations into the Iraq War. But on this one singular issue, he agrees with some people in this country which, naturally, makes him representative of the entire United Kingdom. Unlike those FOOLS in the Labour party who believe in equality or some nonsense. Take Emily Thornberry, for example, who supports the Human Rights Act that protects the rights of vulnerable British people. Um, gross. Pretty sure the British people care more about a Red, White, and Blue Brexit sweetheart.

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none of this is in Latin so honestly I didn't care to read it Jez

I for one cannot wait to see the breath of fresh air that is Jacob-Rees Mogg enter No.10 Downing Street in the near future. It will truly prove, once for all, that anyone can achieve their dreams, and even being Prime Minister is not off limits. If an Oxford-educated, Old Etonian, with a nanny and a kid called Sixtus can get into British politics, so can anyone.