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Which Friends character is your subject?

Could you BE more desperate to pivot your way into a better degree?

Archaeology – David

You always make the wrong decisions, and then expect people to forgive you. Tough luck, because there's always going to be someone that didn't drop it all to go Minsk… Minsk. Everyone else moved on to something better David, and so should you. No good can ever come from digging up the past.

Engineering – Richard

That moustache though

You knew what you were doing with life the minute you signed up. Always the grown-up of the group, you might not end up with what you wanted, but you’ll always be able to get by. On the bright side, at least you can afford a non-rent controlled apartment and no one will ever question it.

Philosophy – Ursula

Brilliant at lying, you too could be a teacher at the Top Secret School for the Children of Spies. You may not be the most competent or pleasant of individuals, but ten seasons in and it looks like you’re getting by just fine.

Architecture – Mike

You take time to fully construct your personality. In the beginning everyone thought you were a random throwaway cast choice, but joke’s on them, you brought stability into other people’s lives. So what if you sometimes fumble on the way to the top? That wouldn’t stop a real pianist.

Chemical Engineering – Susan

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You’re too blah to be a main character. Life’s a show, and sometimes you have to be more colourful for the ratings. Nevertheless, you do seem to have it together otherwise, so props to you for being hardworking, but you do have to work harder to be more interesting.

Classics – Emily

I take thee MML… There’s no real reason for people to hate you, but you just give off villainous vibes and who are you kidding? That accent isn't helping. People might settle for you, but in the end, you’re always somebody’s second choice.

History – Ross

Were you or were you not on a break? You’re going to have to go through multiple sets of eighteen pages (front and back) to get your degree, and will most probably become a ‘doctor’ just like Ross. If all else fails, you could probably get a job as an armadillo impersonator (because honestly, what else are you getting with that degree).

Economics – Estelle

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People depend on you, but you won’t hesitate to throw them under the bus. You signed up to get rich quick, but you might end up stuck in the same office for all ten seasons. Even though you'll spend all day yelling at people over the phone, at least you’ll die doing what you love.

NatSci – Carol

You seem very put together and always make the right decisions. In fact, you could have even had a successful spin off, but you just wanted a nice, quiet, normal life. In the end, it was genuinely always about the degree (which makes sense seeing how dull it sounds to everyone else).

English – Rachel

Like Rachel, you came here with zero qualifications, and yet you still managed to screw it up. Sometime in life you must have blanked out when someone asked you what your hobby was, and panicked and said you liked to read. Ever since that day what other option have you had but to pursue the only thing you've been mildly competent at? Nevertheless, you too will manage to work your way towards a real job, making tons of mistakes along the way.

Geography – Tag

Let’s face it, you’re a little immature. But it’s okay, this is just your trial degree. You’ll figure out what you want to do eventually. Until then, just sit back and enjoy the ride, go climb a mountain or two, god knows you'll have the free time.

HSPS – Janice

One of the rarer creatures, you might perhaps never chance upon one. However, once you do, they’ll be sure to make an impression. It’s easy to avoid them though, you can hear their political rants coming from a mile away.

Land Economy – Chandler

You have major self-esteem issues, which you try to cope with through humour – on the bright side, your degree is already a joke. At least Chandler had a real job (though like you, no one knows what exactly he does).

Law – Monica

You set out to do law to prove something, and like Fat Monica you’ll probably be able to fight the skeletons in your closet through your knowledge and appreciation of the rules. It’s quite a shame that in the end you’re so annoying that no one will be willing to tolerate you except for land ec.

MML – Joey

You claim to know a lot about a lot of different things, it’s a shame that it’s all just superficial knowledge. Je te flouppe Fli. But it’s okay, it’s like a cow’s opinion, it doesn’t matter. You’re a moo point.

Linguistics – Jill

Unlike English, you won’t figure it all out in the end. But hey, at least you’ll be able to communicate with the Saudi Arabian prince that you’ll end up marrying.

Maths – Marcel

Leaping from theorem to theorem, you only chose this degree because you were incompetent at everything else. Nevertheless, like Marcel, one day you’ll manage to escape into the big time if you stop monkeying about and put in the grunt work.

Medicine – Gunther

You’ll toil away for years to come, always behind the (lab) counter. You’ll watch people around you change, and you’ll try to force your way into friendships, but you’ll always be here. You’re trapped.

Music – Phoebe

You might be creative, but you’re always going to be the token lunatic. You’ll slave through 4/5 supos and 3 essays a week, rehearsals EVERY NIGHT for 3 hours as well as doing your hearty 2 hours a day of music practice (shoutout to that grudgebridge), but in the end all you’ll have to your name is a one hit wonder.