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Students rally for Living Wage

Students protested outside the Senate House

Students from across the university gathered outside the Senate house at 9:45 this morning to campaign for the Living Wage. The demo took place as council members entered the building for the discussion on living wage which began at 10am.

Students demonstrated their passion about staff members being paid a 'decent wage' through handing out informative leaflets to council members as they went into the Senate House.

The leaflets argued that Real Living Wage 'is based on the cost of living and independently set. The governmental Living Wage is not the same, and is set lower than the Real Living Wage.' and revealed that because 'temporary staff and contractors' are not being paid the Real Living Wage, the university is not fully backing the movement.

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Students rallied together to hand out leaflets campaigning for the Living Wage

Katie Clark, a second year history student, told The Tab: "The plan is that CUSU are going to lead people from different colleges to lead freedom of information requests to make sure they're paying the living wage, which is good because it puts pressure on bursars to be honest about whether or not they are paying the living wage."

She highlighted how getting the university to back the movement was an important 'first step'. However, colleges act on an individual basis so it is important to apply pressure on a collegiate level.

Campaigners encouraged council members to sign the Grace "that the University of Cambridge seek accreditation from the Living Wage Foundation in the current academical year and therefore pay the Real Living Wage to all staff and also contractors who work regularly on University premises."