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Daniel Zeichner lashes out at Toby Young and Cambridge free school plans

“Toby Young, we do not want you in Cambridge”

Cambridge's MP has unleashed an attack on the controversial journalist and disgraced former director of the Office for Students, Toby Young. Zeichner's ferocious words were inspired by the news that Young has been planning to set up a free school in the city.

"Toby Young, we do not want you in Cambridge," Daniel Zeichner said in an exclusive interview with Tab TV on Friday.

Tab Interviews: MP Daniel Zeichner Pt. 2

"Toby Young we do not want you in Cambridge" – Daniel Zeichner talks about free schools and THAT ex-minister for the Office of Students with DANNY WITTENBERG in part 2 of his interview

Posted by The Tab Cambridge on Sunday, January 21, 2018

Young had to resign after only a week in his new role, following backlash against some of his tweets and articles. He has commented on the "knockers" of various celebrities, argued for the selective breeding of humans and claimed that teachers have an easy job.

When asked about the infamous free school fanboy's plans to open up the Cambridge City Free School after 2020, the normally soft-spoken MP launched a bitter takedown of the idea.

The smiling MP's vicious side came out when talking about free schools

"Toby Young, we do not want you in Cambridge. We really don't," Zeichner snapped "And we don't want free schools either. What a nonsense. What a waste of money. What a waste of time." Criticisms have dogged free schools, mainly accusing them of being governmentally funded private schools.

In a lengthy interview covering a range of issues that affect Cambridge students, Zeichner was not afraid to stray from the party line. While he argued that the government could fall at any time, he downplayed Jeremy Corbyn's claim that he could be PM by Christmas:

"I personally don't think it's very likely."

Though he suggested the best chance of Britain staying in the EU was to "get rid of this government as soon as possible", Zeichner did not outright deny that Labour would vote to leave the single market.

"My position on this is absolutely clear: I don't think we should be leaving the European Union. I have voted against it at every stage. What Jeremy Corbyn will do is, I suggest, best asked to Jeremy Corbyn." he explained.

Zeichner was a strong supporter of the Remain campaign

Zeichner even went as far as to imply that he doesn't know what the Labour policy will be: "I can't read his mind."

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