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New year, new knighthoods for Cambridge alumni

From Nick Clegg to Hugh Laurie, The Tab gives the run down on ex-Cantabs who’ve made the Honours list for 2018

A new year's finally come around again. For most, the new day means finally making the change and no longer biting their nails (for all of two days). The Queen however isn't focusing on the days to come, she's focusing on her new knights.

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With this many knights, Cambridge should be able to assemble its own army.

Knights Grand Cross

Sir Keith Peters, Regius Professor of Physic at Cambridge from 1987-2005 and head of the 'School of Clinical Medicine', already a knight, has become a GBE, the highest honour. He's the only person to receive the honour of becoming a Knight Grand Cross this year, being rewarded for services to the advancement of medical sciences.

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Sir Keith Peters has achieved the highest possible honour, a GBE.

Knight Bachelor's and DBE's

Many ex-Cantabs were appointed as Knight Bachelor's. Nick Clegg, sorry- Sir Nick Clegg, gained the coveted title for political and public service (which may be a contentious amongst students).

Sir Anthony Habgood, an alma matter of Gonville and Cauis, was rewarded for services to UK Industry. In a similar vein Sir Ken Olisa (an ex- Fitzwilliam college student) was awarded for services to business and philanthropy, having previously held an OBE for his services to Homeless People in London.

The statistician, Sir Bernard Silverman, honorary fellow at Jesus college, gained the knighthood for public service and services to science. Sir Steve Sparks, an ex-lecturer at the department of earth sciences and ex-fellow of Trinity Hall, was rewarded for his services to Volcanology and Geology.

Dame Pratibha Gai was awarded a DBE for her services to science. The ex-Cantab is perhaps most known for her creation of the atomic-resolution environmental transmission electron microscope (ETEM).

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Nick Clegg performing 'public services'

CBE's and OBE's

Cambridge's (and the ADC's) own Hugh Laurie was awarded a CBE for his service to drama. Another big name in the arts to get the honour is the founder of the 'Hay Festival' and Jesus College alumnae, Peter Florence. But fear not if you forsake the stage for your degree, there are many more alumni to make the list.

Professor Ian Goodyer was awarded an OBE for his work in psychiatric research. He is a child and adolescent psychiatrist conducting research on the connections between human development and psychopathology

Ex-computer scientist Suranga Chandratillake, also gained the honour of an OBE for his services to engineering and technology. Another comp-sci to make the list is Demis Hassabis, an artificial intelligence researcher, neuroscientist, computer game designer and entrepreneur.

Former fellow of Newnham college, Jane Humphries gained the honour for her contribution towards economics, her research interests being economic growth and development and the industrial revolution.

BONUS- Heather Knight, the captain of the England women's cricket team was awarded an OBE this year as well. She turned down her Cambridge offer to pursue cricket, which definitely led her down the path of success.

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Don't interrupt the CBE holder or he'll get the queen on you.

Cambridge has seen a lot of alumnae receive honours this year, however women and those from BAME backgrounds are in the minority. However, overall 49% of those recognised were women, 9.2% from BAME backgrounds but only 5% considered themselves to have a disability (down from 8.5% last year).