Memebridge is GONE



With nearly 25,000 likes on Facebook, Memebridge is the most popular meme page in Cambridge. And it's currently unreachable.

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Bleak content

In a tumultuous turn of events, any attempt to reach Memebridge's page is met with an error message. The reasoning behind this situation is currently unclear – it could be anything from maintenance to a full-on delete of Cambridge's most loved meme page.

Recently, controversial meme page Grudgebridge was temporarily deleted in mysterious circumstances. Even though the page was reinstated, a recent post called into doubt whether it could continue in the future.

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Grudgebridge are also unsure of their future

Before you break out the tissues and prepare for a teary evening, it's not certain that it has been deleted. This kind of error message can also be a technical fault with Facebook. But it seems quite plausible that everyone's favourite meme page has died a death.

Here is a link to the page so you can see for yourself #truenewz