Boring self care for Cantabs

It’s the little things in life that matter

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With such a focus on achievement and academic success at Cambridge, it can be hard to remember and celebrate all the little things in life. Inspired by Hannah Daisy, a mental health activist who unashamedly promotes these wee achievements, via her project #boringselfcare on Instagram, I decided to make a list of all the overlooked and stereotypically dull things you should reward yourself for doing, instead of berating yourself over a shit supervision (because there's going to be a lot more of those).

Got more than 4 hours sleep a night!

Everyone talks about the sleep study social life triangle (or the lack of all three at Cam ) and although I’m not saying that you’re ever going to achieve a balance, it’s really important that you learn to prioritise at least one of them when your body needs it. There honestly isn’t much to be gained from going without sleep – despite what you think you can achieve in an all nighter, it’s never a fun experience for everyone. Practice good sleep hygiene at least three nights a week if you can – stop using your phone an hour before bed, listen to nice sleepy tunes, buy an eyemask… all that stuff you know you really should be doing but have never been arsed to do before now.

Did my laundry

Don’t leave it til you have to turn your pants inside out or wear your bikini – doing your laundry makes you feel better regardless of what’s going on, and it means you can finally change out of the stash that you've been parading around in for weeks on end. There is only so long that you can keep spraying deodrant on it luv!

What Oxbridge is all about

What Oxbridge is all about

Took my Boots 65p paracetamol before I go to sleep after a night out

Maybe even keep a pack next to your bed, so you and your one night stand can share some romantic painkillers together before one of you awkwardly leaves with a splitting head. Your body will thank you in approx. 15 minutes.

Remembered to get cash when I’m out and leave my card at home

Take it from me, even though buying everyone tequila on your overdraft seems like the BEST. IDEA. EVER. when you’re gone in Cindies, it’s never advisable. Does Cambrige really have classy enough nightlife to warrant crying inside whenever you look at your bank balance?

All over the course of 30 minutes

All over the course of 30 minutes

Remembered to bring snacks to the library/lecture

Unless you’re in a lab and looking at bits of dead things you should thank yourself now that you remembered to bring stuff into a lecture- it will keep you awake and will provide you with something to get you through two hours of Foucault.

Complimented someone in a lecture

Saying something nice to anyone when you’ve both barely awake and feeling a bit worse for wear makes everyone's day.

There's nothing like showing a bit of care for a random for your own self-care and peace of mind. Maybe even give them one of your pre-packed snacks if you want to be really nice.

Did something I liked doing before Cam

Sometimes it can be hard to remember what you were like before the hole of Cambridge – spend some time alone doing the things you loved, from bingewatching reality tv shows or reading a book that you aren't assessed on to cooking yourself something comforting – make time to enjoy your young and free pre-Cam self.

Mean pesto pasta #stillgotit

Mean pesto pasta #stillgotit

Phoned a home friend

This is by far one of the best mini escapes from the bubble. Everyone going to uni, particularly in the first year, is guilty of forgetting about home sometimes- what with everyone and everything being so new and exciting, it’s really easy to forget that you haven't spoken to your mum or a pal in weeks. Call them! It’ll make you instantly forget any stress you’re having and will help you get out of your head

Made myself spend some time alone

For a lot of people, myself included, time alone isn’t something we’re used to or particularly want to get used to, especially at university where you're surrounded by people. However, whether you're an introvert or an extrovert it's really important to recharge by yourself and learn to keep yourself occupied, especially when exam term sets in and social gatherings are few and far between.

Went for a £5 burrito at Nanna Mex

Because there's nothing a big ass burrito won't cure – it fills the heart, is gloriously cheap and you get to bop along with all the reggaeton while you wait.