Where to watch the Cancer Research Boat Races

Prepare yourselves

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On Sunday 2nd April, at 4:35pm the annual ultimate showdowns will begin.

If you want to be as close as possible to the action and don’t mind facing the elements (it’s set to be sunny all day but this is England people) then watching the race from the river bank is for you. There are loads of options.

You can sit somewhere green – In Furvinall Gardens and Bishops Park there will be big screens streaming the race, other forms of entertainment if people pulling sticks through water isn’t amusement enough, plus refreshments to keep you going/get you drunk enough to find rowing fun. (Sorry boaties… love you really. Just not super into watching any form of sport.) If you’re looking for less fuss and really want to watch the end of the race, you could pack your own picnic and go down to Dukes Meadows.

Bishop’s Park has many pretty trees, but yew might want to leaf behind the crowds and go somewhere less poplar on race day

For those of you who prefer concrete to grass, bridges are a good bet (Putney and Hammersmith are best) or the embankments next to them – in Putney you can find rowing clubs selling tickets on the door, along the Thames reach (the footpath between Hammersmith Bridge and the Crabtree pub) you can get a good few minutes of real life boat action (!!!) or there’s Chiswick Pier – the Pier house opens at noon so you can get your drink on. Or have lunch or non-alocholic beverages or whatever.

The teams have a riggerous training schedule – their dedication is extraoardinary.

There are also the boathouses – St Paul’s School’s, Barn Elms and The Emmanuel School’s are the ones the super-helpful official website recommends. But it also says you might get your feet wet if you’re not careful. Sounds dangerous.

If outside is too much for you, as it is for me, then there are lots of pubs with views along the way. I like the look of The Bull’s Head, The Black Lion and The Star and Garter but you can find loads more here. Plus pubs are full of alcohol. I feel like I should explain now that unless you’re really into rowing the Boat Race is really just an excuse to get drunk, have fun with good friends and hate on the Other Place, all whilst supporting a team that have worked extremely hard all year for this day. A perfect break from revision. Or from not doing revision. Great fun either way.

Day drinking is a whiskey business – do it responsibly. Otherwise you’ll be in cham-pain. Serious excess is likely tequil-ya. Somebody stop me.

Sometimes leaving the house is just not the one. If you’d prefer to stay in, you can watch the race from the comfort of your own home or on BBC Sport.

Or you can shun the whole silly thing and go and watch the Goat Race. Either way, make sure you donate at least a little to Cancer Research this weekend.