THEATRE: This Week

Week 3 coming at you with tea, pirates, and collapsing scenery.

Footlights Improv Shakespeare Theatre

At the ADC

Teahouse Tue 25th October – Sat 29th October at 7.45

Be transported to 20th century China. Teahouse, an “international classic that remains eerily relevant today” is recreating a teahouse on the ADC stage, and will take the audience on a journey through “Chinese revolution, the fall of a dynasty, the establishment of the republic, and bloody civil war”. It’s also the first ever English production of China’s most famous play, but no pressure. 

Footlights Smoker Tue 25th October at 11pm

Footlights! You know the drill. Go laugh with (or at) them.

Bohemian Lights Wed 26th October – Sat 29th October at 11pm

Adapted by Isa Bonachera, Bohemian Lights is a “a comedy about darkness and enlightenment”. A blind poet in the last few hours of his life spends them wandering the streets of Madrid. Anything could happen, so go and “experience the world reflected into an esperpento mirror”.

do you like leaf water and houses? all your dreams have come true


Blink Tue 25th October 2016 – Sat 29th October at 7pm

A love story, but with foxes. Or, one fox and “a dysfunctional, voyeuristic and darkly funny” love story that deals with the consequences of loneliness and perils of technology.

Yo Ho Ho – An Improv Show Tue 25th October – Sat 29th October at 9:30pm

The Impronauts are back with an “hour long swashbuckling adventure” that’s completely improvised on the night.  Everything onstage will come from audience suggestions, so if you’ve ever wanted to see a “pirate-inspired epic” based on Brexit, now’s your chance.

actual representation of pirates in corpus, anarchy ensuing


The Art of Coarse Acting Thu 27th October 2016 – Sat 29th October at 7.30pm

There will be death, collapsing scenery and Shakespeare in The Art of Coarse Acting, as they present a “non-stop, breakneck hour of madcap guidance on how to be the best worst amateur dramatics society you possibly can”. Embrace your inner thesp and go see this “classic work of comic genius”.


King Lear, Thu 27th October 2016 – Sat 29th October at 8pm

Warning: this will be cold. Very very cold. This production of Shakespeare’s “bleakest tragedy” will have you “shiver through the bitter winter night as Ancient Britain meets the present in this oppressively agoraphobic vision of King Lear.” The brave decision to stage this outside “will use expansive space, open ground and a subconscious fear of the dark to claw your nerves to shreds”. Bring blankets.

you can almost smell the existentialism


Fanfiction: A Sketch Show Wed 26th October – Sat 29th October at 7:30pm

Ah, fanfiction. It’s come a long way since My Immortal, and now involves “good fun, laughs, and dodgy prose”. This sketch show will combine the “sincerity and irreverence of fanfiction” and turn it into an “extravaganza” of an evening.

Good Gravy: A Sketch Show  Thu 27th October 2016 – Sat 29th October at 9.30pm

Will there really be gravy? If so, will it be good? Who knows. However, Good Gravy’s sketches promise to be “delicious, meaty, and brown” and “better than expected”. That’s all anyone can ask for.