REVIEW: Yo Ho Ho – A ‘Piraty’ Improv Show

Ahoy, readers! Are you ready to set sail towards an unexpected destination on an improvised route?

THEATRE: This Week

Week 3 coming at you with tea, pirates, and collapsing scenery.

REVIEW: When You Improv On A Star-An Improvised Disney Musical

The Cambridge Impronauts have produced an Exam Term crowd-pleaser, says Joseph Spencer.

Improv from the Crypt

This sharp-witted, smooth and extremely entertaining’ performance gets the seal of approval from WILLIAM STARK and JOSH MARKS.

2013: An Improv Odyssey

ALISHAH SHARIFF happily has her (rather negative) preconceptions of improv turned on their head.

What’s On At The Theatre

JAMES MACNAMARA and FRANCESCA HILL wish they had lots of really good news for you, but they don’t, particularly. Sorry.

A Doll’s House

AMI JONES isn’t sure there’s much point in reviewing this, but she did it for you anyway.

Clare Jazz

Clare Jazz starts the year with brass band dubstep: GABRIELLA FLATT tells you how it went.

Review: Alcock Improv

SOPHIE BAUER is impressed by the humble and hilarious group.