VOTE NOW: The Top 100 Big Names on Campus revealed

Will YOUR name be on it?

Statistically, probably not.

The Tab has whittled down its 1107 nominations to Cambridge’s Top 100.

(On a side note, it says a lot about some of you that your main extracurricular for the past week has been revealing shit about your friends to strangers over the Internet. Also, the gender ratio is horrifically sexist. You people are worse than the History tripos.)

The tragedy of superlative adjectives, though, is that only one of these will be the unwitting and probably highly embarrassed recipient of Cambridge’s Biggest Name on Campus.

Despite several attempts to tarnish the reputation of this social experiment with vexatious inclusions (notable mentions including “Red Velvet Blazer Wizard Union Guy” and Paddy Pembroke), we can confirm that only living, human, non-fictional, current Cambridge students or various sabbaticals are eligible. All current members of The Tab are excluded in an attempt to limit the number of obnoxious twats.

A Big Name on Campus, of course, is only a Big Name on Campus if they’re a Recognised Name on Campus. For that reason, we need your help. Take part in the poll below and help us to discover who has the highest name recognition in Cambridge.

You can only vote once, so make sure you do so carefully. Voting closes 23:59 Wednesday 3 February .