Dealing with stress the Cambridge way

Cambridge ain’t all bad

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Cambridge certainly offers some quirky ways of dealing with stress.

Whether they’re one-off’s, week 5 regulars or exam term treats, the University has a lot more to offer alongside classic conventions like counselling.

‘Hug a Puppy’ Day

I want that-wun

During exam term Vet Meds get to hug a puppy to make everything better. This is the case for Churchill students too, although it has reportedly become a less popular event since the college chapel was relocated 1/2km away for “hygiene” reasons.

Not to be outdone, one of Peterhouse’s alumni owns a dog which gets brought in for students to pet every year. Corpus lets you walk the master’s dog for money! 

Half-Hearted Chocolate

Nothing cures sadness better than a sugar rush

Students at Sidney Sussex, Selwyn and Queens have all reportedly been given the occasional piece of chocolate in the pidge/ bar. Unfortunately, distribution is sometimes poor, leaving the unlucky in chocolate-less tears.

Magdalene, on the other hand, get a classic brown grocery bag of sweets and chocolate appearing in their pidges regular as clockwork every week 5. Even vegetarians are catered for.


Just. Remain. Calm…

Trinity and Caius both boast a masseuse service during exam term. My question is, which would leave you feeling more seized up: the muscle pain that comes from crouching over books in mindless panic over exam period, or the butt-clenching awkwardness of having someone come into your university room to literally give you a massage?

Bubble Wrap

The History faculty had a box filled with bubble wrap at their entrance during exam term last year. It was super POPular (ha).

Better than drugs

Beanie Babies

The AMES faculty has given a beanie baby friend to every first year Arabist to talk to in times of need this year. Apparently it cost under £100. Who said you can’t buy love?

So many friends! And they can never leave me!

Absolutely Nothing

Tit Hall “I wish they did. But nope. Absolutely nothing.”

Maths “ Maths does bugger all because we all have no souls and mathematicians hate fun.”

Cookie Therapy

Clare have cookie therapy which is available all year round. Pretty sweet.

Retail therapy is so 2009

Tea and Cake Fundraiser

Robinson are doing a tea and cake fundraiser this Friday night for Student Minds Cambridge.

Fun, and for a good cause

Coffee and Crepe Café Deals

Caius get deals with a variety of cosy cafes to stave off those week 5 blues.

This is relevant cos pancake day

Meditation CDs

Last year Trinity gave out free meditation CDs to its students in a last-ditch attempt to help them keep their cool.

Zen and the art of getting a double first


…Trinity also kept a giant teddy bear to cuddle in the college library as a last-ditch attempt #2 to help them keep their cool. I don’t think it worked.

What’s not calming about an 8-foot tall predator that can climb and run faster than the average human?

Blues, Booze and Chocolate Night

My favourite is Girton’s ‘Blues, Booze & Chocolate’ night, at which a hired blues band comes along and plays to students in a haze of free wine and chocolate.

Apparently LSD will be handed out too

All in all, it seems like the University is at least trying to help students out, albeit in in it’s own eccentric, ‘we’re-not-in-touch-with-the-real-world’ sort of way.