Wearing Sports Clothes all day- Just No

But seriously. Sort it out.

Are you one of those few Cambridge students who never leaves their trackies?

Do you dress as if you may suddenly and unexpectedly need to use a gym at any point of the day? Do you belong to a sports team and mistake it for a uniformed unit?

Rejoice! You could be forgiven for thinking that 2015 is, in fashion terms your year.

Athleisure. It was a slow burning trend last year, and tipped to be the number one trend of our new year. Having spent eternity as one of the cardinal DO NOTS of fashion, it is now acceptable, nay, stylish to wear gym and sports clothes as everyday wear. Beyoncé and a handful of other high profile celebs do it. Then it’s in some big designer collection. Then it’s snowballing via the high street and landing in your wardrobe or that of a Cambridge student near you. That’s how fashion works sort of.

Wearing sweatpants-and clearly not engaged in exercise


I don’t like it as a trend. Because I don’t like active wear. People who already wear these kinds of clothes almost definitely don’t care about what is fashionable. That would be indicated by the fact that up until now, wearing gym clothes outside of the gym was one of the cardinal sins of fashion. Up at the top of the DO NOT list. I respect people who wear what they want. Even if I think that they look hideous.

To all of you who do not already dress questionably: don’t take up athleisure. Fashion is about what looks good. And sports clothes don’t. I’m also all for pushing the boundaries in fashion- but through leggings? Really?
Sports clothes are boring and ugly.

They are very utilitarian, they tend to come in a small range of unpleasant colours, a dull sort of grey and black for the most part. The shape is also an issue. Sports clothes tend to either be baggy, which, as a rule, is not all that much of a good look. That or they are way too figure hugging. Which is fine if you want to show off an amazing body, which let’s face it, most of us simply don’t have. For many people, figure hugging shows off the kind of lumps and curves that they would probably prefer not to have.

Some people think its OK to wear these all the time


Sports clothes also aren’t status symbols. Even if you do possess a killer figure, especially from being a member of a sports team: the trend is also not an excuse to wear whatever kit it is that says “I’m on a university sports team” when clearly you are in lectures, and at that moment, not practising said sport. You probably still exude an air of arrogance that frequently comes from people overly proud of the fact that they can kick/throw/hit a ball. As I said earlier, if you already do this, then you probably don’t care, but don’t start.

The trend only really looks good on celebrities who wear expensive gm style clothes that were never really meant for the gym.

In a student context, on a student budget, this is a no-go, no matter who says it’s the top trend of the year.