Square mile startups reject macho slave culture to attract best graduates

Want to work in the City and still have a life?

A small number of trading startups have risen to the challenge of repeated calls for a change of work culture in the City.

Launched by groups of traders at the top of their game, they are challenging the Square Mile status quo by combining the culture of tech startups with cutting-edge trading.

One of the startups, Maven Securities, was launched three years ago by a group of the best traders in the industry and has quickly established itself as one of the leading players in European derivatives trading.

Why doesn’t the library have this?

Richard Aked, a trading strategist at Maven, told The Tab: “We’re a young company, most of the traders are under 35 and the Directors sit around the trading floor.

“Everyone knows they will be seen and rewarded if they perform well. There’s no room for egos – we value a scientific, analytical and collaborative approach.”

The traders, who have backgrounds in everything from programming to competitive sports, use sophisticated, fast-paced and highly profitable trading strategies.

Maven Securities are hosting drinks at Hotel du Vin on Monday night

There is a strong emphasis on work-life balance, most traders are out of the office by 6 or 7pm most days and Maven said they would never ask a trader to pull an all-nighter.

Richard said: “We want to open up and diversify trading for the next generation of graduates with an interest in the financial markets.

“If you have a sharp mind, a strong drive to succeed and the ability to make decisions under pressure, but you don’t want to look 50 by the time you get to 30, then we want to meet you.”

Maven Securities is hosting a Cambridge event on Monday 24th November 7pm – 9.30pm in the Ruinart and Library Rooms at Hotel du Vin.

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