New beginning for Hare & Hounds with Boundary Run

Stuck thinking of a good New Year’s Resolution? Why not join The Hare & Hounds Boundary run?

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As Michaelmas progresses and Christmas looms ever closer, you might find yourself racking your brains for an imaginative and exciting New Year’s Resolution.

You’ve tried the post-Christmas diet, you’ve tried spending x hours in the library a day, and you’ve tried to cut back on your Cindies attendance. All were utterly dull and ultimately unsuccessful. This year, the Cambridge University Hare & Hounds are being ever more imaginative with their aspirations, and you absolutely should want in.

On 1st March 2015 the Hare & Hounds are holding their annual Boundary Run – a half marathon and marathon around the outskirts of Cambridge. For the University’s running club, the Boundary Run has for a long time been the perfect way to raise funds, as well as integrate with the local community. For participants, the event might just be the perfect New Years’ Resolution.

Fancy a winter run, anyone? Image by Seb Falk

Having begun as a much smaller event, mainly for members of the Hare & Hounds to try out the marathon distance in a friendly setting, the Boundary Run has grown in recent years to something far larger. This year, there will be a further increase in the number of participants, which has been facilitated by moving the race start to the University Sports Centre. Runners this year will have access to the university’s top sporting facilities, as well as a new course taking in a mix of trails, road and grass, and featuring some of Cambridge’s best known beauty spots, such as Grantchester Meadows.

Runners will also race in the Boundary Run’s biggest field of entry yet, with 800 participants planned for this year. But the Boundary Run organisers are determined to maintain the event’s friendly and pressure-free atmosphere. The Hare & Hounds and local residents, as always, will cheer on runners throughout the course, and participants will continue to receive the free t-shirts and mini Mars Bars for which the event has become famous.

Running on Cambridge’s scenic route…

While independent university sports clubs are topical mainly for negative reasons at the moment, the Boundary Run is certainly a large benefit of the Hare & Hounds’ autonomy. An event that enables the club to integrate with the community and pull together as a team, the Boundary Run is an increasingly special event for runners at Cambridge – both as participants and as organisers. It certainly beats living miserably on ten calories and ten library hours a day, with no drunken Cindies exhibitions to look forward to. This is entirely why the new start of the Boundary Run might just be your very own new beginning for 2015.

The Boundary Run will be held on 1st March 2015, with entries opening on 10th November 2014. For details on how to enter, visit