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Tab Tries: (Cambridge) Quidditch

You don’t actually get to fly though

A beginner’s guide to boatie ‘pain-faces’

The Tab takes you on a journey through the world of rowing pain-faces, and makes dozens of boatie enemies in the process.

John’s dominates college sport this season¬†

“They hate us ‘cus they ain’t us”¬†

New beginning for Hare & Hounds with Boundary Run

Stuck thinking of a good New Year’s Resolution? Why not join The Hare & Hounds Boundary run?

Hare & Hounds Met League race report

GEORGE RAMSAY reports on the Hare & Hounds recent MET League race

College football – who will be battling relegation?

In the first of a two-part piece, The Tab looks at the teams who might struggle in this year’s football league

How To Lose Friends And Alienate People: Choosing A Sport In Cambridge.

Not sure which sport’s team to play for this term? The Tab is at hand with a quick quiz to help you decide.

Hijacking Our Heritage

With numerous Jack Wills-sponsored events approaching, CHRIS McKEON reckons the brand doesn’t fit Cambridge sport.

UnBlue-vable Tekkers

The Tab lists some of Cambridge’s finest sportsmen and women. YOU DECIDE who’s the greatest of them all.