Meet the new Cambridge punters drinking society

We’ve hunted down the newly-established ‘Grex Club’, a punter-only drinking society offering swaps with Cantabs

punters swaps

A group of Cambridge punters have teamed up to form a drinking society known as the ‘Fluvio Ratus Grex’, or Grex Club for short, and issued a rallying call for female student drinking societies to swap with them.

The ‘newly established’ group recently went on a swap with the Murray Edwards Harlots.

Danni Elle Walker, a third year who was on the swap at Café Naz told The Tab,

“The Grex Club changed my life, it changed my view of swaps forever.

“They were so much more fun than any other drinking society in Cambridge.”

Sammy Lee and Aron Villa, two dashing members of the Grex club. The elusive ‘Sardine of the Cam’ refused to partake in the photograph

Apparently the swap ‘got a bit hairy at times’, with chilli powder poured into wine glasses and bhajis thrown at ‘rival factions’.

The club mainly consists of men in their 20’s but we are told that the oldest member of the club is 46 – Yan Yarvis, a ‘semi-famous rockstar from Berlin’ who ‘has a Wikipedia page, no less’. The Tab have been unable to verify these claims.

The Tab spoke to Sammy Lee, one of the members of the Grex Club and asked him what his message was to potentially keen female swappers in Cambridge:

“If you girls want a wild night out with first rate gents, then hit up the Grex Club cos we know how to party.”

The guilty fantasy of every Cantab female

When asked what distinguishes the Grex Club from the other drinking societies in Cambridge he responded with four words: “our charisma and charm.”

He went onto say that the Grex Club “without a doubt” offers a better swap than any other male drinking society in Cambridge. A bold claim.

The Tab also hears that one of the Harlots did get lucky on this swap. The situation is, however, ‘TBC’.

Bhajis: swappers’ favourite form of munition

Interested, ladies? The ‘Supreme Swap Leader’ can be contacted on [email protected]