The Tab meets: Animal activists

We managed to bag an eerie interview with the ringleader of the anti-animal testing group NOAV plaguing the Uni recently

Animal astra zenica Cambridge graves interview

Following worrying thinly-veiled threats to those who use animals to find cures for diseases, we got a bizarre call from the group’s leader.

How’s it going so far?

The campaign has been going very well and we’ve received lots of emails from students. People have been contacting us with details about researchers. We’ve probably had around 100 emails. 

We’ve identified a few we’ll definitely contact in the next few days.



What’s your next target?

Our next campaign is the AstraZeneca building organised by local animal rights activists in the area.

We’re protesting against them to delay the archaeologists. If we deter the archaeologists we can delay the AstraZeneca building.

We want to establish a dialogue before we go any further. If not it will be peaceful protest.

Astrazenica building 10/12/2014

Astrazenica building 10/12/2014

We’re not officially working with student groups but there are students in our group. I won’t say who.

Any message to those who say your campaign is threatening?

All we intend to do is make people aware of what individuals are doing to animals. We’re certainly not making any threats.