The Tab meets: Animal activists

We managed to bag an eerie interview with the ringleader of the anti-animal testing group NOAV plaguing the Uni recently

A Grizzly Bear Vs Two Gorillas

DERMOT SMAMS returns, with the animal showdown to end all others.

Three Trapped Tigers

COSMO GODFREE lets his wild side out at the Portland Arms.

RAG: How to Lose Your Date in Ten Minutes

How to dispose of your RAG and alienate many…POPPY MORRIS is here to help if tonight’s RAG helping ain’t looking great.

Fancy Dress Sorted

Freshers, been invited to join the hallowed elite of your college’s drinking society? Or has a friend just come up with a uniquely uninteresting birthday party theme? Let LAURA DENNEHY teach you Fancy Dress 101.

The Tab’s Album Round Up

This week, GEORGE OSBORN and CHRIS BANNON kick Kei$ha and man hug Massive Attack