NOAV intensifies as Cantabs hit back

National Operation Anti-Vivisection who recently made veiled threats against Cantabs, have stepped up their campaign to end vivisection

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The group has continued petitioning Cantabs to submit the names, pictures and addresses of students, as well as photographic and written proof of animal testing.

But The Tab revealed last week the rather dubious intentions of the group.

Their spokesman, William Evans from Leeds, said: “Those who choose to be involved deserve to be the target of protest”.

This contradicts the posters around Cambridge, which claim that the group intended to “make polite contact (with relevant students) about alternatives to animal research”.

Still harping on

Responding to The Tab article, Evans said: “We have had a very good response from students in Cambridge and are now simply deciding who to work with to gain the best information in the long term and how to use the information we have so far.

“The article suggest there is some contradiction between our statement that we do not disclose any personal addresses or phone numbers and disclosing the work address and phone number of a target, there is none. Poor journalism on the Tab’s part.”

NOAV have also created a funny Facebook page in which they asked for comments on the all press articles the group has received in support of the campaign.

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The increasing intensity of the campaign is creating angry waves among Cambridge students.

A medic who wished to remain anonymous said: “Trying to abolish all animal testing without offering an alternative can be rather dangerous and harassing the ones involved in the ways NOAV have been ding is not helpful to the cause.”

Another second year medic added:“These ‘animal extremists’ are completely out of their minds, not because they disagree with animal testing (which is a perfectly valid opinion to have), but because they are unnecessarily threatening to harass students carrying out animal testing rather than having a discussion, like most rational people would do.”

Are NOAV spouting nonsense or do they have a point? Let us know in the comments below.