Exam Term Cake Haunts

Drop your books, pack in the post-its and go stuff yourself full of Rocky Road. FIONA NUTTING has the low-down on where to go…

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We all know exam term can be stressful, but never fear: I have found some great cafes where you can go to chill out over a warming mug of coffee or get down to some revision with a good cup of tea.

These places are for those days when you just can’t face sitting in the library any more.

1) Afternoon Tease

My first recommendation has to be Afternoon Tease. It’s open 8 to 6 every day except for Saturday when it’s open 9 to 5 and Sunday when it’s open 10 to 5. Tucked away on King Street it can get busy around lunch time but I usually manage to find a seat. Despite the name you can’t actually get afternoon tea here but this is more than made up for by the rest of the food on offer. Breakfast is served until 12 and lunch thereafter and the menu changes daily with normally around 4 or 5 options. Highlights include griddled banana bread with maple syrup as well as bacon bap Fridays. This café is a lovely place to spend some time with various tea and coffee choices all served in cute mismatched vintage teacups and teapots.

A double-choc that just won’t quit

If you fancy more of a snack then forget the chalkboard menu on the wall and head straight to the counter where there is always an enticing array of different cakes. My favourites include the chocolate Guinness cake and the carrot cake with cream cheese icing. Don’t worry if you haven’t got time or there isn’t room to sit down as all their food can be taken away.

2) Urban Shed

Just down the road is another café which had recently opened call the Urban Shed. This great sandwich bar/coffee shop is cute with its retro look and record player (with numerous records you can put on). The range of sandwiches/toasties/paninis is staggering and ranges from the classic BLT to more unusual yet equally delicious combinations. You can also get their food to go and if you don’t have time to wait around call ahead so that your food is ready to pick up.

A side of hipster with your BLT

3) Benets Café

Benets Café is a Cambridge institution, however, I would avoid the tourist trap on Kings Parade and head for the original one on Bennet Street. The coffee here is tasty and I thoroughly approve of the selection of Teapigs teas. Crepes come with your choice of fillings (if you’re struggling to decide I can definitely recommend trying ham and brie) and can be eaten in or taken away. They also have some nice-looking sandwiches and homemade cakes although I haven’t actually tried any of these – definitely a reason to go back again!

Benets: the old ball n’ chain

4) Trockel Ulmann & Freunde

My final recommendation is Trockel Ulmann & Freunde on Pembroke Street. This cute little café serves reasonably prices soups baguettes and cakes and if you’re just popping there during a revision break a cup of soup with a baguette is only £2.90. It may not look like much from the outside, but their soups are really tasty. This place is definitely worth a visit.

The soup-rise of your life!

All that’s left to be said is don’t let revision get you down and remember coffee and cake is always the solution, no matter what the question!