Tab music meets: Warren Daniel

We got an interview with the world-travelled busker Warren Daniel.

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You might have seen (or heard) busker Warren Daniel. He’s often found competing with St. Mary’s church bells, outside King’s College or in the Town Square, where he has been for the past two years. Believe it or not Daniel, originally from North London, chose to move to this Ibiza of Academics by choice. After his gig at the world’s very first cybercafé, Cambridge’s very own CB1 on Mill Road, he has kindly agreed to enlighten me as to what possessed him to willingly come here.

Instagram at its very best; here capturing the lyrical Warren Daniel

I’m assuming that you are originally from Cambridge?

Not at all. I’m from North London originally, moved to Hartford and then moved to Cambridge couple of years ago for my career. I came here because it’s a beautiful place; there are great people, a nice vibe… I feel I’ve chosen well. I’ve met lots of musicians, lots of wonderful people; it’s very nice here.

Clearly you’re not a student, although I’m glad to hear that you are enjoying it. Are you planning on staying here for long?

Yeah, I’d like to give Cambridge a go for another year at least, maybe a year and a half. After that I’m thinking of maybe hitting up Montreal.

Why Montreal?

I was there before and really loved the music scene. It’s vibrant, full of great people, real buzz.

Montreal is full of universities; I think I see a trend.

Yes, there’s big ones like McGill, Concordia and Montreal. Though it’s very different from Cambridge; the College system and generally the student life make it really dynamic.

You mentioned earlier that your time in the Land Down Under influenced you and your music…What took you to Australia?

I just went on a whim, really. Was travelling and decided to go soak up some sun, it was a great influence on my work. I think that my biggest influence when I first arrived in Australia was Xavier Rudd and I was immediately inspired by his work and musical personality.

Warren performing on his travels through Asia.

Would you consider Xavier Rudd and Australia to be your greatest influences?

They are very significant, but I am not limited to them. I’m a very devoted Ben Howard fan. In fact, I’ve covered some of his unreleased tracks here tonight and have seen him several times. It’s interesting how his music and performances vary in the UK and around continental Europe; a musician’s personality is versatile. Ben Harper is another great influence on my work, generally acoustic music gets to me. It’s just a style I really enjoy.

It shows very much in what you have played tonight. Have you recorded any recent EPs during your time in Cambridge?

I’m actually fairly new to music and song-writing; I’ve largely just played for fun during my travels around Europe, Australia, Asia and North America. But recently I’d like to record some tracks and develop an EP and I think Cambridge is the place to do it – the possibilities are endless, especially with the people and dynamic life.

Is your music available on any social networks or are you denying us one of life’s treasures?

No, I’m still a music baby waiting to grow, though I play in a lot of local circuits when I’m not busking; I enjoy open mics and bar performances, such as tonight. I’m planning to continue playing here at CB1 and then at CB2. (Despite this, you can listen to Warren’s sun-kissed demo ‘The Long Road’ on SoundCloud here)


Despite the missing guitar, half-hour delay and questionable logistics, Warren Daniel’s performance was profound, memorable and beautifully executed: I feel I’m not alone when I say that the little town of Cambridge is lucky to have him while he is here. Do not miss his performances at bars CB1 and CB2, or catch him around town if you can hear him over the bells or spot him amongst hoards of tourists outside King’s.