Students Gawk as Hawking Announces Caius May Ball Theme!

Watch our exclusive video of Stephen Hawking announcing the theme for Gonville and Caius May Ball 2014

Tab exclusive

Professor Stephen Hawking delighted students last night as he announced the theme for their 2014 May Ball.

hawking andthe boys

Steve and his crew

In a sentimental speech, Hawking expressed his love for the College, whilst accentuating the suspense with characteristic pauses:

I am delighted to be here tonight. I have been a fellow at Caius for over 49 years and have grown very close to the College over that time.’

‘I wrote one of my most talked about publications whilst living in West Road’

‘I am honoured to have been invited here tonight to reveal the theme of this year’s May Ball, as it is one that is very dear to my heart’

‘I am sure that you will all be as excited as I am when you find out what the committee has chosen’

‘I am proud to announce that the theme of the Gonville and Caius May Ball 2014 is A Brief History of Time

Watch the full speech here:

Many thanks to Amelia Drew for the video.

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