Under Lock-and-Caius: College Burglar to serve 50 weeks

A thief with more than 40 convictions is caught stealing from Cambridge Colleges. Again. HANNAH GRAHAM reports.

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A serial thief nicknamed ‘The College Burglar’ was jailed yesterday after pleading guilty to a string of burglaries in Cambridge colleges.

The unimaginatively named crook targeted Churchill, Catz, and Caius. He also went for St. Edmund’s, ruining his alliterative streak. After making off with hundreds of pounds from cash boxes he broke into student accommodation on Tennis Court Road, finishing his crime spree with an unsuccessful raid on Caius’ bar.

Convicted- The College Burglar

Convicted- The College Burglar

The thief, Michael Janes, was caught on CCTV and identified by police officers.

He was then sentenced to 50 weeks in prison at Cambridge Magistrates Court yesterday.

Janes, who now holds over 40 criminal convictions, has attacked colleges in the past.

In 2008 he was jailed for 18 months after being tackled by a Trinity porter while attempting to steal from the college. The porter, David Page, was bitten by Janes, but responded with a hefty punch to the head and held him down until police arrived.

One Caius second year sympathised:  ‘I’ve ended many a night with an unsuccessful raid on Caius bar’.

A Corpus Fresher said on the matter “Thank goodness, I bet we were the next on his list”.