To Flit or not to Flit?

Two Cambridge graduates are trying to make taxis in Cambridge actually affordable… by getting everyone to share


Fare play to two recent Cambridge graduates that have launched a brand new taxi booking app, ‘Flitter’.

Engineers Tim Lui and Robin Smid have finally bid fare-well to costly cab journeys in Cambridge.

By using technology to match passengers with similar destinations, ‘Flitter’ claims to make taxi travel affordable and convenient. Oh and they’re saving the environment too. Cab got your tongue? Thought so.

The future is certainly flit with this easy-to-use app available from the comfort of your iPhone or Android. The app is free to download from the App Store or Google Play Store. Hardly taxiing is it?

‘Flitter’ lets you choose to ride solo or share with a friend. And friends that care, share. Just don’t be put off by the human contact. You know who you are.

Tim told The Tab, “In Cambridge, where so many passengers take journeys to the same destinations it could be a big time and money-saver for people on the move.

“We hope that Flitter will be useful for people sharing taxis on a night out, for commuters travelling to the station or even airport journeys.”

Not convinced? You haven’t tried cycling on ice or through proper Cambridge rain yet. The worst is yet to come.
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You can download the app at

Many cabbie returns.

Tried it already? Let us know how it worked out in the comments.