The view from Val: Varsity Trip Live

Updates from the Alps…it’s almost like you’re there

The waiting is over, a huge dump of snow has arrived, and we’ve finally reached The Alps. But if you decided to save cash and hit the Milton Keynes snowdome instead, you can catch up with all the gossip on The Tab.

Friday 7th December

There are plenty of people nursing sore heads today after last night’s party where it went off!  A lot of nutters are trying to cram in a final few hours skiing before the coach journey home.

We’ll get you pictures of the final night party once we have them, but suffice to say ageing Bestival creator Rob Da Bank tore it up, as did Krafty Kuts.

Meanwhile, you can all stop having a ruddy go in the comments section, because we have the Varsity results and it’s a win for men’s and women’s blues. GDBO! We lost the seconds and the thirds though…Here’s an action shot:


Thursday 6th December

The slopes went quiet this afternoon as thousands of vin chaud-addled skiers descended on bars across VT to watch a disappointing Varsity Match.

At 19-6 up, cries of “No noise from the Oxford boys” and “Can we play you every week” rang out from the light blue half of Val Thorens. All a bit embarrassing really, given the huge comeback.

Reports of a mass brawl atop a gondola are unconfirmed.

Meanwhile, results from cuppers are through, and Trinity take gold in Cambridge, but eventually lost out to Oxford winners Keble in the grand finale. Here’s a lovely pic of the winners.

Thank you to the commenter who rightly pointed out Varsity racing was postponed til today. We’re still awaiting results.

Meanwhile, all the buzz has been about this bee onesie, which we understand belongs to sponsors Nuco Travel. Downing man JP Westgate described it as “literally the best thing on this trip apart from the snow.”

It’s the final night party tonight – bring it on!

Wednesday 5th December

 Last night was Varsity Fest, featuring a smorgasboard of comedians and musicians. One attention-seeking bar man put on a show of his own, belching fire into the air.

Students with their fingers on the pulse then hotfooted it to legendary nightclub Malaysia for a silent disco which rivalled Cindies for both cheese and sweat.

We’re still awaiting the results of yesterday’s Varsity races, as our reporters were busy drowning in Vin Chaud at Varcity. Stay tuned…

Tuesday 4th December

Bloody hell its cold out there! It’s absolutely shitting it down and there’s a metre of fresh snow at the top. The slopes are crawling with what the Sun would no doubt call Boffins in a Blizzard…

Last night saw the mountain formal at VarCity, for which gowns were actually worn, and we understand there were several swaps. One Oxford ‘crewdater’ (that’s what they call swaps), spoke on the condition of anonymity about a Downing clan.

She said: “I’ve probably never met a more unpleasant group of individuals. One guy was drinking out of his snow boot for the entire evening.”

Here’s a cracking pic uploaded by Bar 360 of students skanking in the falling snow yesterday:

Meanwhile, our friends at Cam FM have launched a game called VAR, which rewards some fairly dubious pleasures.

They say: “Whether singing Disney songs on a chairlift, impersonating Sean Paul or climbing into a hot tub, skiers and snowboarders alike have been racking up the points.

The current leaderboard looks like this:

Hertford College Oxford 3000
New College Oxford 900
Sidney Sussex College Cambridge 700
Downing College Cambridge 500
Corpus Christi College Oxford 500
Caius College Cambridge 400
Churchill College Cambridge 300
Trinity College Cambridge 300
Jesus College Cambridge 300
Wolfson College Cambridge 300
Pembroke College Cambridge 300
St Hilda’s College Oxford 200
Murray Edwards College Cambridge 100
Pembroke College Oxford 100
Christ Church College Oxford 100
Lady Margaret Hall Oxford 100
St John’s College Oxford 100
Worcester College Oxford 100

Monday 3rd December

Varsity trip is often blighted by nightmare coach trips. Last time around some people ended up in Luxembourg. Not so this year – as far as we know, everything ran smoothly.

Students on the coaches were treated to the traditional super-well-produced welcome video, which you can watch here:

The opening night party will be best remembered for The Correspondents, who tore it up with their electro swing. As ever, hundreds of idiots risked certain pneumonia by attending in t-shirts, jeans and trainers. Not fun in the smoking area

Our reporter on the ground, Keith Hagyard said: “What a bloody knees-up! Didn’t even know I liked A-Skills but I was jumping around like no one’s business.”

A Skillz…pic courtesy of Cam FM