Little Show Peep: Week 0

The Tab’s new guide is here to shepherd you through this week’s theatre.


For the lost and confused, Little Show Peep is here to tell you what’s going on, and to herd you – her flock – in the right direction. Which is, of course, the theatre.

It may only be week zero, but there are several shows to flock to this week. Here’s a quick peep.



This tells the tale of a young musician trying to make it in 1960s America – a time when the times, they were a-changin’. Tracing the birth of our modern obsession with short lived celebrity to the Swinging Sixties’ fixation on transience, Girl From Nowhere is on for one night only. Catch it if you can.

Corpus Playroom, 9.30pm, £5/6

THE COMPLEX: ELECTRA – 2nd-9th October

Electra’s father’s dead. Her mother’s found someone else before you can say ‘funeral baked meats.’ And Electra (spoiler alert) suffers from an Electra Complex. But one member of the chorus has had enough.

This is Sophocles reworked, and was well reviewed at the Edinburgh Fringe.

Corpus Playroom, 7pm, £5/6

ANTONY AND CLEOPATRA – 2nd-9th October

Flock in! Flock in! For a play about lovers, revenge, blamed messengers and battle. This is the bard at his best, and it’s as good now as it was in 1623. T.S. Eliot liked this play, and so will you.

ADC, 7.45pm, £6-£10

INTERRUPTION – 2nd-9th October

This is based on a poem about running over a hare. It combines physical and musical theatre. And metaphors. And lots of tiny scenes. And – apparently – free sweets.

It might be beautiful, powerful, and tragic. Or it might be affected.

There’s only one way to find out.

Corpus Playroom, 9.30pm, £5/6

PERFECT STRANGERS – 2nd-6th October

Last year’s sell out Footlights show is back, after a summer tour of gap yah proportions. Will it have found itself, grown, and matured since we last saw it?

Will it gain an extra star?

ADC, 11.00pm, £6/7

It might be beautiful, powerful, and tragic. Or it might be affected.