To Wax or not to Wax?

Why we need to reclaim the right to have hair Down There. And not look like a pornstars or babies.

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My friend Jack waxed his legs for charity once. People sponsored him to suffer the agony of tearing the hair off of his legs with hot wax.

It sounds like a form of Medieval torture, or else something you’d see in a fetish club. So why is it a charity stunt when Jack did it, but just part of most girls’ standard hygiene routine?

While we’re discussing the lengths women go to look ‘normal’, let’s talk about bikini waxing. Gentlemen, consider this: you know how sensitive everything is down there? Imagine a total stranger smothering that area with burning wax, then ripping it off, taking everything, including the top layer of skin, off with it.

High-maintenance lady-garden…

Crossing your legs in agony yet? Or if you’ve ever had shaving rash, just think  about how that would feel between your legs, chafing every time you moved so it hurts to wear underwear. You don’t get a choice in this, by the way. To refuse to do it is just too disgusting for words.

I’m not blaming men for the obsession our culture has with female epilation – I’m blaming porn. I love porn, but the expectation that all women are going to look like porn-stars is one that we need to eliminate. Porn actresses are fully waxed because that looks better on camera. If you’re having sex with a girl rather than watching a film, how she looks down there makes no difference whatsoever.

Adult women have body hair, it’s what  makes us look different from children (and do you really want to be screwing a child?). The sooner our society can accept this, the sooner millions of women can stop torturing themselves over something that has no bearing on femininity or attractiveness. And I really think we’ll all be happier, more confident people with better sex lives because of it.