Meet The Made In Chelsea Cast: Part 2

TABATHA LEGGETT is back, and today she’s talking to Made in Chelsea stars ROSIE FORTESCUE and JAMIE LAING.

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Last week, we caught up with Made in Chelsea’s Amber Atherton and Cheska Hull. And today we’re back with more gossip from your favourite socialites. Find out what Rosie and Jamie had to say when I caught up with them below:


If you’ve ever felt like your dissertation is taking over your life, you’ve come close to understanding how Rosie Fortescue felt in her last year at Goldsmiths, University of London. “I actually started filming the first series whilst in my final term of my Art History degree, alongside my dissertation,” Rosie tells me.

“I’ve always wanted to start a fashion blog but didn’t have enough time whilst I was at Goldsmiths to put in as much effort I needed to. In doing the show, my aim was to launch my fashion blog at the same time.

“Plus, I knew I would be doing the show with friends, so I trusted their decision to take part.”

Like many of the Made in Chelsea cast, Rosie wants to pursue a career in fashion. “My father is in the art world and I am very much interested in the art world. But fashion is certainly what I wish to pursue for now. My blog is always being worked on and I thoroughly enjoy putting time and effort into my website.

“It is great to see the positive reaction from viewers and also to make myself and my style accessible to the public and those watching the show.”

As Rosie talks, I get the feeling she really understands why the show is so popular. “The show is so successful because of the reality of it. We, like everyone else, have great times and moments of madness, as well as the same issues that many others encounter.

“We open up with our thoughts and feelings, enabling the viewers to invest in our lives.”

And yet despite having similar aspirations to many of her fellow cast members, Rosie is keen to dispel any preconceptions of the typical Chelsea girl. “I don’t think we represent a certain type of person,” she explains. “We’re representatives of ourselves and our individual lives.

“One person’s view on the show certainly doesn’t represent the group as a whole. Sometimes it is easy for people to put us all under one roof, but we are all very different, individual people.”


…shop? “The Shop at Bluebird.”

…designer? “Philip Lim.”

…item of clothing? “Leather trousers are a real staple in my wardrobe.”

…beauty product? “Anything from Egyptian Magic.”

…club? “The Box.”

…drink? “I love frozen margaritas.”

…restaurant? “The Wolsley in Piccadilly.”

…film? “The Life of David Gale.”

…TV programme? “Any Louis Theroux documentaries.”

…holiday destination? “St. Remy de Provence in France.”

Check out Rosie’s style blog HERE.



Jamie Laing, who joined Made in Chelsea’s cast in the show’s second series, might be my favourite person ever. Jamie once described a bad night out as “one where I don’t pull,” and famously got rejected by Rosie when he tried to invite himself in for a night cap. But he doesn’t mind. “I’m such an open person that I really don’t have anything to hide,” Jamie tells me.

“I know I come across as very energetic and hyperactive on the show, but to be honest I’m probably more energetic in real life. What you see is what you get with me.”

Jamie was approached to appear in the show’s first series after he graduated from Leeds University with a degree in Theatre and Performance. “I wanted to go into acting, and I was really aware that if I went into reality television I’d always be typecast as ‘Jamie Laing from Made in Chelsea’.

“The way the show was presented to me made in sound like it was just going to follow a bunch of privileged kids around London. It sounded like the worst thing I’d ever heard – I thought it would be the worst decision of my life!

“But loads of my friends did it – Spencer, Hugo, Rosie, Millie, Caggie and Francis – and I was approached again for the second series.

“After speaking to someone in entertainment about having a presenting career, she told me that my voice is too posh and people won’t relate to it. She said that appearing on a reality TV show could open doors, so I went for it.”

Jamie is honest about his intentions with the show, explaining that he knew exactly what he was doing when he signed up. “If you’re clever about it, and you’re hard-working, there’s money to be made. For example, I’m looking at turning Kandy Kittens into a brand that does lots of events, and I’m collaborating with a jewellery line at the moment.”

But why does Jamie think the show is so successful? “Firstly, it looks good. The way it’s filmed is better than something like The Hills. Secondly, people who go to public school are a minority group. The public don’t know what they get up to – Made in Chelsea taps into a totally new market.” Well, he must be doing something right…


…sweet? “My absolute favourite sweet you can only get in France. They come in all different colours and they look like surf boards. I love them.”

…shop? “I’m lazy, so I tend to go for the big ones: Selfridges, Harvey Nichols, Harrods…”

…designer? “J. Lindeberg. Or actually, there’s a new designer called Vince who’s really cool.”

…item of clothing? “My APC jacket or my Acne jeans.”

…club? “Right now, I love a new club called Rose.”

…drink? “This won’t make me sound manly, but vodka soda lime.”

…restaurant? “Le Caprice in Green Park.”

…film? “I am a huge movie buff. I love stuff like Warrior, Fight Club and Top Gun.”

…TV programme? “I don’t have that much time for TV, but I loved The Killing.”

…book? “Bringing Down the House by Ben Mezrich.”

…holiday destination? “I go to Portugal every year with my mum. And I also love St Tropez.”

Illustrations by Ella Jackson