The Allure of the Nerd

Forget the rest – it’s what’s between a man’s ears that counts.

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Sex is all in the head. You can be as pretty as you like, but if you think that Jane Eyre was a real person, all you’re going to get is a pitying look and a pointer to the appropriate section in Waterstone’s. And thankfully, TV land has finally caught on that brainy is the new sexy.

From real life smart cookies such as Professor Brian Cox (holder of the ‘Professor of Physics Most Easy on the Eye’ award), to fictional bright sparks like Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Who, the only muscle these boys need to work out to make women swoon is the one in their heads.

But why is this? On aesthetic appeal alone, Benedict Cumberbatch and Matt Smith are, let’s be honest, a bit odd-looking. Unkind people have likened our current Dr. Who to a foot.


 Oh, to be that violin…

First, smart men tend to be less concerned about themselves. Unlike beautiful men, who must spend many hours perfecting and maintaining their look, brainy guys have much more important things to do apart from looking in the mirror. Like unlocking the secrets of the universe, or averting a global crisis, or writing a sonnet for us. If their clothes get torn or their hair ruffled, they won’t give a damn. Plus, when you’ve got the Middle Eastern crisis to sort out, post-coital pillow talk takes on a whole new dimension.

Intelligence also means a passion for something, whether it’s physics or poetry. The logic goes ‘wow, he’s so passionate about something he loves. Imagine what he’d be like if he loved me as much as that.’

Another appealing feature which all three men mentioned have in  common is a certain manual dexterity. Sherlock has his violin, Doctor Who his sonic screwdriver and Professor Cox has that bit of chalk that he plays around with in lectures. That sort of dexterity is very popular with the ladies. Why else do you think writers and guitarists always have groupies?

So forget symmetrical features and rippling biceps. The media has realized that to us ladies size matters, and the bigger the better. IQ, obviously.