A public masturbator has been terrorising students at Murray Edwards, mimicking a string of flashings some years ago.

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A sinister flasher has revealed himself to students in their homes.

After skulking in the dark outside a student house in Murray Edwards for several hours, the pervert exposed himself to a student diligently working by her ground-floor window.

Jessica O’Driscoll-Breen, a second-year philosopher, agreed to share her traumatic experience with The Tab:

“I’d been working in my room all evening, and since about eight o’clock I’d noticed a flashing light outside in my window. I didn’t take much notice but at half past ten I looked out and a man was holding a torch to his groin.

“When he saw I was looking, he unzipped his trousers and started masturbating. I screamed and ran away from the window. Police came and searched for him but he had gone by then. It’s really freaky that he’d been about two metres from me for two hours.

“It was really fucking scary.”

Police and porters were called, but were unable to apprehend the man.

A statement from Cambridgeshire Constabulary said: “Police were called at about 10.30pm on Friday to reports of a man indecently exposing himself to passers-by at New Hall.  On police arrival the man had gone. There is no description of him.”

Katie Kibbler, Murray Edwards JCR President, told The Tab: “It’s a real shame that this has happened in college, but we don’t want people to be unnecessarily alarmed.

“He is a flasher rather than an attacker, there is a definite difference that needs to be emphasised. People just need to remember to be cautious in college while it’s dark; draw the curtains at night. Be vigilant, but not panicked.”

From the looks of things, this isn’t the flasher’s first attack, with reports of identical incidents stretching back to December 2008.

Police are not formally linking the incident to any others, but the locations, timings, targets and behaviour match up exactly to those previously reported in The Tab and Cambridge News.

At the time The Tab offered a £50 reward for evidence leading to the man’s identification and prosecution. We can confirm this reward still stands.

Email [email protected] with any information and help put a stop to this night-time menace.