Theatre Guide Dog: Week 1

THE THEATRE GUIDE DOG softly growls her way through Theatre Yet To Come. This week with added louche.

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As the orientalist fug of sublime opiates lifted decadently from my  eyes, I gave thanks for not being one of the lesser of my species, who might be driven to humiliating themselves under the influence of such a divine muse.  Admiring my crumpet-plumped visage in a gilded and burnished mirror, I felt a sense of wonder at how little effect the regular walkies of time had made upon my canine charms. Yet this quickly deepened into a melancholic unease, as I realised, once again, that I’d pissed on the Persian carpet. “Lane” I barked, “fetch a sponge.” It was time to go to the theatre.

The Picture of Dorian Gray 11th – 15th October

The first of two upcoming ADC shows to directly address issues of ageism in Britain (watch out for ETG’s King Lear in January), Dorian Gray is driven into a faustian pact by the fear of compulsory retirement. The portrait he keeps of himself in the attic is condemned to watching Bargain Hunt and eating meals-on-wheels until it falls asleep on the sofa at about 6ish, while Dorian gets to keep his under-25 railcard for life. But could there be an unseen price to pay? Watch and find out.

ADC at 7:45pm  £6-10

A Night with Joe Rubini and The Spooks 10th October

A one-off performance from “a Birmingham junkyard poet, armed with a reel-to-reel tape machine, death-defying ancient guitars and a menagerie of electrical oddities.” Also, a man who looks like Phil Spector, if Joey Ramone was his wardrobe assistant and the wardrobe he was being dressed from belonged to a centaur with a bondage fetish. The ghouly garage sound will be accompanied by film projection.

Corpus Playroom at 9:30pm  £5-6

The Lover/Ashes to Ashes 11th – 15th October

Two Pinter plays, separated in their composition by 30-odd intervening years of disturbing bourgeois domesticity. And pauses. This double-bill looks to find the links across the Nobel prize winner’s canon through two scripts that examine what role truth plays in relationships.

Corpus Playroom at 7pm  £5-6

Act Casual 11th – 15th October

Sketch show from up-and-coming student writers and performers, all with a fair amount of smoker experience under their belts and some Edinburgh shows to boot. If the publicity is anything to go by, there may well be foule language involved. Likely to sell out so book ahead for this one.

Corpus Playroom at 9:30pm  £5-6

Dandelion Heart 12th – 15th October

This week’s ADC lateshow positions itself firmly in the relativist camp, through publicity that’s very fond of emphasising conceptual oppositions. There seems to be a circus theme running through the whole thing, and an Angela-Carter-esque magical realism vibe judging from its synopsis. “Expect fantastic,” we’re told.

ADC at 11pm  £4-6