Theatre Guide Dog: Week 0

In case you missed it in the paper, here’s the fresh-look THEATRE GUIDE DOG to scoff you through the maze of Cambridge theatre while you’re still dazzled by the lights.

ADC Howard Theatre Judith E Wilson Macbeth Pretty Little Panic theatre guide dog three tales by thomas hardy Twelfth Night

So, after all the fuss, rumours that the ADC’s stock of hi-tops, copper wiring and Kettle Chips had been looted during the riots turned out to be completely unfounded! Praise be to Dionysus for these mercies. To give thanks to the Gods for such a lucky escape, Cambridge’s student and graduate thesps return this week with a selection of theatrical sacrifices, most of which have been tested on foreign people first.

Macbeth 4th-8th October

“Knock knock.” “Who’s there?” “Birnam Wood?” “No, it’s obvz John Haidar, stoopid!” The Cambridge American Stage Tour bring you their version of the Scottish Play, replete with a dystopian aesthetic and, judging from the publicity, lots of unhealthy trees. It may well sell out, so don’t banquo on getting a ticket on the door (yes, I did).

ADC at 7.45pm  £6-8

Pretty Little Panic 4th-8th October

What an intriguing title! And who are those four green men who look like they’ve been redesigned by a half-arsed Andy Warhol? Fresher, this is a confusing stage in your life in so many ways and this show probably won’t help with any of your fledgling issues. But neither will staying in and skyping your parents, so get the inevitable Footlights visit done quick. It’s probably funny.

ADC at 11pm  £5-7

Three Tales by Thomas Hardy 6th October only

Directed and acted by Cantabs on tour (merch coming to Market Sq. Claire’s SOON!), the newly-founded Blue Hills Theatre Company promise to use not just some, but “plenty of rousing and authentic Victorian country dancing” to animate three short stories by Thomas Hardy. Dress accordingly, if not appropriately.

Judith E. Wilson Studio – English Faculty at 7.30pm

Twelfth Night 6th – 9th October

Here’s a safe and fun game for Freshers’ Week: without looking at the cast list on Facebook, organise all your cool friends into a syndicate to bet on which two people in Cambridge look the most like twins and will therefore be playing Viola and Sebastian in the Pembroke Players Japan Tour. Then go and see Twelfth Night and realise that you’ve all lost. But, hey, at least you got a fun night out at the theatre with all your BFFs, and isn’t that what really matters?

Howard Theatre – Downing at 7.30pm  £5-7