Robinson May Ball

LAURA DENNEHY doesn’t let the rain stop her enjoying herself at Robinson May Ball.

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Guardians of the Realm

17th June 2011, £85

We arrived at Robinson at 9pm, and almost immediately the skies opened. And that’s not an exaggeration. The boy standing behind us in the queue was so wet he looked close to melting. Very quickly, my hair turned from frizzy to plastered to my head. It was not a great look. The rain was so bad that there was a very real chance of actually being blinded by it.

Honestly, Robinson could have catered better for the rain. Umbrellas weren’t handed out, and cloakroom space filled up far too quickly as wet coats flowed. Queue entertainment was limited to a man who was more beard than human, and his companion who was draped in sacking, trying to rouse a soggy crowd. Unfortunately their offerings of watery fudge (turned to sugary glue by the damp) were not very appealing.

But, once we got inside, it was clear that Robinson had done everything else very well. Food was plentiful and delicious: hot sausage and mash, flowing chocolate fountains, waffles, ice creams, a hog roast, fajitas, and burgers. The abundance and variety was impressive for a ball with tickets a good £30 cheaper than average.

Ents were also great. King Charles played to a packed-out tent and spent the rest of the night dancing with the crowd. Jakwob played a good set, albeit one that slightly suffered from noise restrictions. Static ents were also aplenty: a laser quest, dodgems, a gladiator ring, swing boats, and a bucking bronco (the latter of which I excelled at).

The firework display was beautiful. Another example of how incredible Robinson had been with their budget, managing a superlative display on top of everything else. The placing of the display was badly-judged, with many onlookers’ views masked by trees. However, for those who could see, it was incredible.

Robinson is not one of the prettiest colleges, and it was never going to have the wow factor of some of the bigger balls. However, they didn’t try to compete in the glamour stakes, instead focusing on creating an atmosphere of fun and abundance.

Decorations were limited to a few choicely placed suits of armour, but amongst the huge variety of ents, food and drink, this really didn’t matter.

On the whole Robinson was a triumph. Surreal, soggy, but ultimately great fun.

Food and Drink:

Wow Factor:

Value for Money:

Star attraction: Excellent ents

Biggest turn off: The rain