Theatre Guide Dog: Week 3

THE THEATRE GUIDE DOG read a book. A book he wrote. But not to impress you. He also talks about the week’s Theatre. But not to impress you.

Accidental Death of an Anarchist Arcadia CU Show Choir Fletcher Players I Found My Horn Stoppard The Theatre Guide Dog

I’ve been revising. Oh yes I have. Just like you (but that doesn’t make you like me).

The Death of the Theme, A Critique of Pure Theatre and Snapping at Theatre’s Heels: An Autobiography to name a few. All by T.T. Guide-Dog – it’s surprising how much you can learn from yourself if you really pay attention. At least when you’re me. Anyway, here’s the theatre you crave:

Arcadia 17th-21st May

The last big, swanky student mainshow of the year. Considered by many to be the best play of the past generation, the ADC will hopefully be gentle and not stomp all over it. If you pay close enough attention and keep up with time-switches and 19th Century exposition you might even learn something. If not you will at least learn that you’re no match for Stoppard.

ADC at 7.45  £6-10

Accidental Death of an Anarchist 17th-21st May

UPDATE: They gone done a trailer with violence in it.

Before the words ‘Freshers’ Show’ turn you off completely, bear in mind that the Fletcher Players have more to recommend them than the average college drama society. Last year’s was pretty good too. The choice of play is also encouraging; zesty modern Italian farce trumps by some distance the usual Freshers’ Show choice of ‘whatever has lots of parts and is hard to ruin.’

Corpus at 9.30  £5-6

CU Show Choir 17th May

Exactly the same as this last week and this the week before, but with even looser thematic unity. If you are either very slow on the uptake or the kind of person who only ever downloads singles, I guess this will hold your unenviable attention span for an hour.

ADC at 11  £5-6

I Found My Horn 18th-21st May

One man, one horn. Just as nature intended. Displaying serious brass, Oskar McCarthy and his hefty instrument take the stage to tell the hornting story of a man overcoming the failure of his past with music. Hopefully it won’t just be an hour of him sounding his own horn HAHAHAHA.

ADC at 11  £4-6