The Invention of Love: just one long self-congratulatory Oxbridge display

ISOBEL COCKERELL is less than impressed by this production, but hey- there’s free wine at the interval!

The Real Thing

EMMA ROBERTS knows all about anger. And, finally, she’s been able to put that knowledge to good use. Her neighbours can sleep easy for once.


Sports Editor JONNY SINGER gives a post-match report on the first five-star show of the term.

Theatre Guide Dog: Week 3

THE THEATRE GUIDE DOG read a book. A book he wrote. But not to impress you. He also talks about the week’s Theatre. But not to impress you.

The Real Inspector Hound

CATHERINE TRINDER: “I felt the need to hide my notepad in shame as these ‘critics’ made such a merciless mockery of themselves and the whole noble profession.”

Review: The Invention of Love

TOBY JONES “enjoyed the play immensely, but was left slightly disappointed that rehearsals hadn’t started two weeks earlier.”