All They Want for Christmas Is A Plane Back Home

Jesus College Choir is still hoping for a Christmas miracle after the cancellation of their flight from Washington has left them stuck in the USA.

Christmas jesus Snow south africa travel chaos washington

Jesus Combined Choir are facing a race against time to make it home for Christmas Day after heavy snow has left them stranded in Washington.

The 50-strong party, including school children, students, and the Jesus college master, are stranded in the US after their flight to Heathrow on Monday fell victim to the weather.

And they aren’t the only ones to have been hit by the travel chaos that the white Christmas has brought to the UK either. Yesterday, a South African choir managed to catch a flight home from Heathrow having been stranded in Cambridge for three days.

The 17 students and three staff of the Ndamese High School Choir had their flight cancelled on the 19th, but South African Airways stepped in to make sure they didn’t miss Christmas.

There is still some hope for Jesus, as a chance has opened up for them to fly back on the 24th, a day earlier than first thought.

The delay has allowed for some extra tour perks too, with some students getting to visit George Washington’s house, stay at the Hilton Hotel and sing for the governor of Virginia this week.

But it hasn’t all been festive cheer, as Homerton student Raph Hetherington exclusively told The Tab.

He said: “The adults are fine but the kids have been quite upset by it all. The tour has been amazing, but right now we’re all looking forward to going home!”

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