Chem Eng Inferno Narrowly Averted

Fire at faculty, as fireman jokes “I’d have had the whole building come down”.

ambulance Engineering fire nat sci natural sciences police

Chaos and confusion ignited at the Chemical Engineering faculty on Friday after the department almost went up in flames.

The accident in the afternoon saw firefighters, police and an ambulance all race through town to put the fire out before it could cause any serious damage.

The department is located in Free School Lane, notorious for its old and outmoded buildings.

Tom Dalton, a 2nd year NatSci was one of many caught in the middle of the drama. He told The Tab: “I was just walking to my supervision when all these fire trucks and police tore past me. The whole department was stood outside wondering what had happened, it was crazy.”

Students and staff were left helplessly standing outside while the danger was extinguished, with nobody sure what was going on.

While they were waiting, a member of the department was overheard joking, “If it was me I’d have had the whole building come down”.

Security staff reported that the blaze had been started by paraffin left on a heating plate.

Despite the disruptions, the department is now back open and a spokesperson confirmed to The Tab today that everything is running smoothly again.