Women Boaties’ Stuff Stolen

£4,000 worth of rowing gear has been swiped from CUWBC.

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£4,000 worth of vital rowing gear was nicked from the Women Blue’s Boathouse last week.

Rowers were outraged at the theft, which is the SECOND of its kind in the last three months.

Stolen items include: life jackets, seats, clams and a cox box headset, which can used by coxes to shout at their crews.

Police have appealed for witnesses and are currently trawling through CCTV footage to see if the devious thieves are identifiable on the tapes.

A similar theft occurred in July, when equipment was stolen from Cambridgeshire Rowing Association’s boathouse on Kimberly Road. The stolen items included several cox boxes, which cost over £250 a pop.

Worries have been raised that thieves are maliciously TARGETING boaties across Cambridge.

Lizzie Polgreen, president of CUWBC sent a warning message to other clubs: “Be aware, trailer thieves are about. The lock on the gate of the combined boathouses site on Logan’s Way was broken and the CUWBC trailer stolen. The trailer had no boats on it.”

“We have recovered the trailer in the last  couple of days, it was found abandoned at Milton Community Centre, partially dismantled and with the jockey wheel missing but otherwise fine.

But added: “If anyone saw anything or has seen the trailer’s contents dumped anywhere I’d be very grateful if you got in touch with me.”

Polgreen warned thieves that precautions will be taken to protect the Blue’s property: “We’ll be putting a wheel lock on the trailer in future, the gate lock clearly isn’t enough.”