Varsity Fly-fishing Build Up

The Tab looks forward to a fish-filled frenzy

Blues Varsity

Ask any self-respecting Cantabrigian sports fan what dates are marked in their diary and they’re likely to point to Varsity football on 30th April and Varsity T20 on 4th June. 

However, there are two dates which all such fans should now be aware of.

The 28th and 29th of August will see the inauguration of the World Varsities Trout Fly Fishing Competition.

Based in Cong, Co Mayo, Ireland the competition is, according to commentators, “set to become a fishing orgy, with so much rod and tackle it will become the fishing equivalent of hard-core prawnography.”

Teams will consist of two anglers accompanied by a “gilly” (local fishing guide) and will operate according to a strict “catch and release” policy.

Given that a carp was caught weighing more than Kylie Minogue it looks set be quite the spectacle as man battles fish.Organisers state that “Corrib trout are amongst the strongest fighters one would hook anywhere.”

Further, in a move that is sure to excite the neutrals organisers have stated that all types of fly-fishing (wet fly, dry fly and dapping) will be allowed. Splash photography is expected.

At the end of each day the top angler will be announced and anglers will have the opportunity to experience the banter-filled nightlife of the craic.