A little bit of style inspiration

We seize the style initiative and get inspired by Topshop’s latest campaign. Nice.



Here at the Tab fashion we're just loving this video for topshop s/s 10 range- there's a plethora of ways to be inspired, and obviously also the knowledge that you can just pop out and buy anything that catches your eye. (Am especially loving the beaded sandles at 0:49). However, the real draw of this shot of style loveliness is the hair and makeup: that dewy skin with a moody eye is oh-so-chic, and easily achievable with Maybelline's Line Definer Liquid Eyeliner: it's absolutement perfect for achieving that 60s kittenish flick, and almost totally foolproof as it's essentially a felt-tip pen!

Similarly, the Topshop shoot used that classic Cambridge accessory: the bedhead, windblown, long-and-tawny hair. To achieve this use your mad dash to lectures as your blowdry and resist the urge to brush incessantly. Top it off with the aforementioned slick of eyeliner and a moody pout, and your model-perfect without having smothered yourself in glue and run into Topshop itself. Win.



So, if you've got any money left, make the most of that student discount and indulge. Other top tips include River Island for one-off pieces (especially shoes), and take a look into the pretty darn large New Look a floor up- the shoe section is enormous and so reasonably priced it's criminal not to walk away with the pair (or so I'm telling Mr. Bank Manager at the end of the month). Blitz away those 5th week blues with a bit of retail therapy and you'll look so fabulous you won't even notice them. Therapy, the Tab Fashion way: trust us, it works.