You Know It’s The Start Of Lent Term When…

You’re back, you’re keen, and it’s not falling apart just yet. Be proud.

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You know it’s the start of Lent term when…

· You’ve got lots of shiny new pens and more paper than one person can handle.

· Everything is clean and your room is absolutely spotless. New leaf? Check.

· Your alcohol tolerance has gone to shit.

· You’ve completely forgotten when all your lectures and supervisions are.

· You’re desperately trying to lose the Christmas weight.

· You miss the first Cindies in favour of the library, trying to do 5 weeks worth of vac work in a night. You fail.

· You can walk past people without shame because everyone has forgotten your embarrassing drunken antics at the end of Mich.

· You have the awkward ‘So how was your Christmas/New Year/Vacation?‘ conversation with too many people you’d never normally choose to talk to.

· Your DoS starts talking about ‘revision timetables’. Nothing like being prepared.

· Everyone is talking about May Ball already.

· You want everyone to shut the fuck up about their New Years Resolutions. 3 weeks since your last fag? I DON’T GIVE A SHIT.

· You realise just how disgusting buttery food is after being spoilt with home cooking.

· If you’re from the North, none of your friends understand you anymore because your accent has gotten so strong.

· Also for Northerners: you have to learn another load of new London slang that emerged over Christmas and Cambridge is eagerly embracing.

· You’re disappointed with Cam clubs all over again.

For the freshers:

· The 12 page reading list you got emailed this morning didn’t make you go into shock.

· You feel smug when you come back and remember where Cindies/Sainsburys/Sidgwick is.

· It’s painfully evident who you are actually going to be friends with and who are those ‘Freshers Week Friends’

· You now get pissed off at ‘Down it fresher!’. I mean, you’re basically a veteran Cantab now so it’s just rude right?

· This one guy, who didn’t quite make it into the cool crowd in Mich, comes back with a piercing and whole new wardrobe thinking Lent is going to be the term he’s the popular kid. Don’t worry, he’s wrong, but points for trying.

· You start panicking about your lack of extra-curricular last term and sign up for way more than you could possibly do. You’ll drop 75% by week 2, promise.