Run Fresher, Run

The Tab’s running correspondent reports from the Hare & Hounds freshers’ fun run

Led by a messianic college captain, Declan Murray, a vast Magdalene team descended like a plague of locusts upon Wilberforce Road for the Hare & Hounds annual freshers’ fun run.  Shame that all they could do was come second to Jesus (again).  
Hopes that a new year would spell a new age in the ‘Chris Brasher College League’ were dashed when former club captain, James Kelly, led home a Jesus one-two with his successor of Countdown fame, Robin Brown, taking second place.
First years there to join the edgy fitness scene, brag about how fast they could down a pint or about how many hours they spent dancing at their College Bop the night before, were put firmly in their place by cambridge’s real athletes.  A record turn-out in the men’s race saw first fresher go to Alex Young (9th overall), refreshingly from a different red college – St John’s.  Young’s time of 16:45:39 for the Men’s 5km course would have placed him four places higher last time, and demonstrates just how high the standard was at this year’s event.
Talking of impressive times, American Amanda Scott from Churchill covered the Ladies 2.7km in just 9:32:06 to join her compatriot James Kelly in 1st place as well as taking the title of first female Fresher.  These Americans may be fast, however, they are ignorant of the real meaning of Life, have never seen the inside of Cindies and believe Fez is a place in Morocco.  The absence of defending champion, Charlotte Roach, who is currently training as a full-time tri-athlete, allowed Magdalene’s Lauren Barklie to take 2nd spot in 9:49:45 just three seconds ahead of former Varsity Match winner, Polly Keen (Murray Edwards) who was dressed fetchingly as a bunny.  Queens’ Sophie Bailly finished 2nd Fresher in a very creditable 10:03:50 to place 5th overall in a strong women’s race.
In the men’s team competition, Jesus took victory by a significant margin, taking one step on the way to defending their college league title yet again.  Meanwhile, in the ladies, it was Trinity’s time to shine taking a close win over Magdalene, Jesus & Girton.
All in all it was a successful day of running in pleasantly warm, sunny conditions.  However, the future holds horrendously drunken formal swaps; essay deadlines and cold nights. These will be the true test of our fresh meat as they work towards avenging last year’s Varsity results at the end of term.  If the talent displayed by the new intake is anything to go by then the club as a whole are more than capable of doing just that.
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