Bristol Uni professor tells the nation he loves Ibiza and festivals live on TV

‘I love Ibiza and I should be there at a festival this year which didn’t take place; I hope to be there next year’

A Bristol Uni professor has told the nation how much he loves Ibiza, admitting he had planned to go to a festival there this summer.

Professor Gabriel Scally, a visiting professor of Public Health at Bristol Uni, and former Regional Director of Public Health in England, made the remarks live on Good Morning Britain on Friday morning.

Whilst it seems the professor is keen to get back to partying just like the rest of us, Dr Scally argued this was not the year for travel and we should continue to stay at home.

The comments from the professor came in response to Ibiza hotel owner and former singer Jenny Frost who said: “Ibiza is ready to welcome Brits back to the Island”.

Dr Scally however argues that “this is not the year for travel” as the the “UK has the highest rate of infection of new cases at the moment in Europe”.

Although Dr Scally loves a party, it appears he loves safety more. He’s wary that under 18s are yet to receive the vaccine and has described the current situation as a “race between the virus and the vaccine”.

Dr Scally does, however, empathise with us party-heads who are so desperate to get back to dancing in hotspots such as Ibiza. He explains that he “loves Ibiza” and was due to attend a festival there himself this year that was cancelled as a result of the pandemic.

In response to a fellow Ibiza lover on Twitter, Dr Scally recommended the Costa Del Folk festival. For the great value of just £819, you can bag yourself a ticket to the festival, alongside a studio room with a pool and sea view. That’s a far cry from a deflated airbed in a broken one-man tent at Boomtown.

However, it appears that the vibe of Costa Del Folk doesn’t quite match the traditional ideas you may have of a festival in Ibiza. Rather, the music seems to cater more to those who want to feel like they’re on the set of Pirates of the Caribbean, or maybe for those who want to reinvent themselves as a Morris dancer.

It doesn’t look like we’ll catch Dr Scally topless at Ocean Beach Club with Wayne Lineker and a bunch of bikini-clad girls anytime soon. What a Scallywag.