Israeli flag burnt as Pro-Palestine protestors blockade Whiteladies and Park Street

Approximately 50 cars blocked traffic on Whiteladies where an Israeli flag was set alight before moving down to Park Street

Pro-Palestine protestors have blocked traffic this afternoon bringing Whitaladies Road and Park Street to a halt as part of a solidarity protest in support of Palestine.

Approximately 50 cars blockaded Whiteladies and stopped traffic for up to 15 minutes as they shouted messages and waved Palestinian flags from on top of their cars. While most protestors chose to stay in their cars, some protestors set fire to an Israeli flag.

This is the latest in a number of Pro-Palestine protests that have taken place in Bristol since 8th May when the Israeli-Palestinian conflict escalated following clashes at the al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem.

The protest began shortly before 5:3o pm this afternoon as cars put a halt to traffic on the busy Bristol road. The protest did delay the journey of an ambulance as organisers quickly tried to marshal cars to move aside to allow it through.

Organisers used megaphones to deliver short speeches as protestors sounded their horns and played music through their speakers in support.

Videos on social media show Pro-Palestine protestors burning an Israeli flag at the protest. This strong anti-Israel action comes at a time of an increasing number of reports of antisemitic incidents at UK universities.

After the cars dispersed from Whiteladies road, the same protestors drove down to Park Street forming a similar blockade, stopping all traffic on the road.

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